The Aims of Buy Local Funding

The aims of the Farmers' Market New Zealand Association are

  • To facilitate the formation of a network of authentic Farmers’ Markets throughout New Zealand
  • To clearly define the concept of an authentic Farmers’ Market and facilitate the development of this model in the cities and provinces of New Zealand.
  • To support the viable and self-sufficient operation of existing and future Farmers’ Markets by sharing information and providing appropriate resources.
  • To protect the brand “Farmers’ Market”, clearly distinguishing the concept of a Farmers’ Market from other markets, both retail and wholesale
  • To advocate on behalf of members at a national level.

The Executive of FMNZ (comprises of seven farmers market representatives) and the National Conference delegates have endorsed the Buy Kiwi Made funding proposal. Some conference delegates and members who weren't able to attend may wish to have further input. The Exec is interested in your comments, and ask those with feedback to have it with us no later than 15th June by e-mail to

Why has FMNZ applied for Buy Kiwi Made funding and nort other funding avenues?

We have received funding in the past but are no longer eligible again.  Buy Kiwi made fits the criteria and is funded by Central Government and backed by the Green Party.  Funding of $96,000 dollars is minuscule compared to the flow on effects of being associated and linked with the BKM campaign.  Buy Kiwi made is about supporting NZ producers and manufactures and is more and more important as we head into an uncertain future with world food prices rising and the cost of living increasing. The general consumer wants to support local food producers, not Chinese or industrialised food producers.